What athletes can expect from paolo17...


Our international and diversified network of experts, friends and supporters is of utmost importance when it comes to making our common mission successful. When choosing partner we take care that they not only have the expertise but that we also share a common mindset and values.

We are genuinely interested in the needs of our athletes and are keen to contribute to their development. Keeping in mind that during his/her career a professional football player‘s time off the pitch is limited and precious, we provide assistance and take care of things. Always, however, with the aim to make decisions together.

Depending on the situation and the priorities we arrange something in order to make full use of the time and also encourage the athlete‘s development into an independent and responsible individual.


 paolo17 is your reliable partner on your way to
a successful, happy and satisfying life.

In particular we offer our athletes the following services:


Our network and the know-how of experts to provide advice in the fields of medicine, physiology, finance, law, insurances and taxes



Excellent organisational skills, in order to respond to all situations swiftly and individually


Establishing valuable contacts in marketing, at advertisement agencies and media outlets

Taking over every-day life tasks and organizing the athlete‘s environment and daily routine in coordination with parents and the club



Assisting in getting accustomed to a new environment

Enabling specific athletic and academic training and development


Creating a strategic, dynamic and integrated concept which is perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of the athlete


Negotiating and advising during contract and
transfer talks



Advising on asset management and personal provision

Developing the athlete‘s personality and strengthening his independence



Jointly arranging for the safety, well-being and high life quality of the athlete and his/her family - prior to, during and after the career


Supervising the athletic development accompanied by constant performance analysis and self-critical motivation