Why we take care of your career...


personal background:

Having earned the official players‘ agent license of the DFB, the German Football Association, I decided to open my own agency paolo17.Prior to that I was able to add to my studies in business administration at the Universities of Innsbruck and St. Gallen a great deal of work experience in the players‘ agents and sports industries, where I worked for the Bitburger brewery, Rogon Sportmanagement and the adidas group.

As was the case during my training to become a licensed football coach (UEFA B level), here I was again able to establish numerous contacts and gain valuable experience.

The combination of all these insights and impressions made me decide to open paolo17. The main goal I set is to always serve the best interests of my clients. I want to offer best possible conditions, which should be based on solid basic values and a strong, international network of reliable and professional partners in many different fields.


The philosophy of paolo17:


A love for the game of football and the incentive always to improve oneself - in sports as well as personally - drives us all here at paolo17 on a daily basis. With our diverse experience we want to help others to live their love for sports in a professional way. 

We support you and accompany you on your way and make sure that you make the most of your talent and improve yourself further.

  • On and off the pitch!

  • Prior to, during and after your career!

  • As tough as some situations may get - we are there for you!

The goal of paolo17 is to advise all our clients individually and prepare them for a multitude of situations in life.

Together we want to provide gifted talents with the right and sustainable means for them to pursue a professional career. Our aim is to look into every case individually and assume tasks or provide assistance and point out solutions. We are constantly focussed on finding out how everyone can improve themselves - in sports as well as individually. We take into account all relevant aspects and perspectives that can embody a positive impetus for a joyful and satisfying life.


For the benefit of the athletes we maintain these irrevocable values in particular:


Ambition and the will to improve oneself


Amplitud de miras hacia otras culturasAmplitud de miras hacia otras cultura

Openness towards many perspectives and other cultures

Amplitud de miras hacia otras culturasAmplitud de miras hacia otras culturasAmplitud de miras hacia otras culturasAmplitud de miras hacia otras culturasAmplitud de miras hacia otras culturas


Respect, recognition and trust


Care, compassion and empathy

Sustainability, authenticity and helpfulness


Fair play, justness and loyalty


Acceptance of rules and values



Optimism and a joy for life




Proactivity and a special commitment to improve oneself and one‘s environment on a daily basis




Independence and sovereignty




Humbleness, discretion and self-criticism


Endurance and assertiveness, in order to reach goals and meet quality standards